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Mira was born in 2007 on a distant planet, somewhere in the universe. Write to to know everything about Mira’s world. The 4 recording labels, music catalogue, multimedia company.

SPADES_contact 84x80MIRALOOP♥SPADES Recording Label

tel. +39 051 199 83 014


Spades is the experimental division of Miraloop. Spades releases avant-garde electronica: since 2009 leading trademark in southern Europe for IDM, minimal and 8bit stuffs, and since 2013 Spades debuts on Beatport with a fusion between dark and reggae: in december 2014 Remind is the Beatport number one for one week. Spades is the favourite label of sound designers and sound explorers, part of the catalogue is dedicated also to space music. If you want to release a record with us, or you are looking for an artistic production of your project, write us: and tell something about you. We are looking for a coordinator / a&r, if you think to be the man-to-go we need…don’t hesitate, write us 🙂 !

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