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“To fly alone gives me pure and strong sensations, that I realize once landed, when I relive the flight in all its phases. Retrace takeoff, pure joy, the turns, navigation, approach and landing. For me it is enjoyment.”
Daniele Xhanino, aeroplane pilot and musician, brings into music the flight experiences creating a incredible chill out journey. Enjoy!

1 – Daniele Xhanino – At Night I 04’30”
2 – Daniele Xhanino – Captivity I 04’57”
3 – Daniele Xhanino – Highway I 04’49”
4 – Daniele Xhanino – Mochila I 05’10”
5 – Daniele Xhanino – Seafront I 05’44”
6 – Daniele Xhanino – Speculum I 04’20”





Cristina Ann de Vera

CONGRATULATIONSssssss Daniele X! The first of many more to come! Music is the key to everyones SOUL!

Thank you Cristina!

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