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Pablo and Miraloop team, creators of deggae style (dark reggae) come back after Wake Up and Find a Place, in a new song, Remind, written by Pablo to bring a strong message against this world’s lies, against a society with no eyes to look beyond. 100 bpm also in an instrumental version for the dub lovers all around the world!
Great work for Pablo, placed NUMBER ONE on Top 100 Reggae/Dub Beatport Release. (December 9, 2014)

1 – Pablo Ort – Remind (Original Deggae Version) I 03’45”
2 – Pablo Ort – Remind (Instrumental Dub) I 03’45”

Remind - Pablo Ort n. 1 on Beatport Relase. Miraloop Spades, Bologna, Italy






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