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Telematik Guru music tries a very good way to tell about yourself and about everything can be surreal and introspective. A lot of sensations and vibrations inside on your body are trigged off by the music. Electronica and its way to be protagonist, so real and enigmatic too. Enjoy this great album of contemporary electronic IDM.


1 – Telematik Guru – Two and Six I 4’29”
2 – Telematik Guru – Hangravity I 6’00”
3 – Telematik Guru – Runin to the Bomb I 4’55”
4 – Telematik Guru – Lost I 6’01”
5 – Telematik Guru – Shifted Synapse I 4’46”
6 – Telematik Guru – Noise Toy I 2’36”
7 – Telematik Guru – Ant Clean Version I 5’28”
8 – Telematik Guru – Pointless Algorithm I 3’44”
9 – Telematik Guru – Hangravity (Full Mix) I 8’07”




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