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“IDM is Rubbish” is a hymn to IDM and stands for “Intelligent Dance Music”. The definition, created by the british Alan Parry, identifies electronic sounds full of complications and virtuosity, rhythmic sound, orienting us primarily to the listening instead of the dance. Mind made up this record in an accurate way, almost scientific, typical of the sound designer. Plays with sounds creating a geometric structure, but managed in the aim to give a feeling and an analog warmth to the final product. The choice of each sample is never random but they guide and show a path that magically and cyclically ends and in a higher point of view! Magistral!

1 – Mind – Idm is Rubbish I 03’53”
2 – Mind – Zoosafari I 05’57”
3 – Mind – Fink Dream I 04’24”
4 – Mind – Icelandic Easy Woman I 04’20”




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