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Afrofuturism is a literary and cultural aesthetic that combines magic realism with elements of science fiction, historical fiction and fantasy in an Afrocentric world. Today Afrofuturism find its first sound exploration in its namesake music album, the first LP by the afro-italian project Ethiopia Ringaracka. A little music jewel that combines dub and electronic music with semi-acoustic elements of african popular music and sounds from other worlds.

01 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Afrofuturismo (Original Dub) I 03’29”
02 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Space (Original Killer Dub) I 03’40”
03 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Black Magic (Ultimate Voodoo Fm) I 03’54”
04 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Magic Dub Baloon (Original Dub) I 03’55”
05 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Ring a Racka Love (Original Dub) I 03’56”
06 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Hijo de Hemiola (Original Deep Progressive) I 04’12”
07 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Frittella Boom (Original Dub) I 03’45”
08 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Grembiule Beat (Original Dub) I 03’37”
09 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Party May (Original Dub) I 03’35”
10 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Together (Romantic Vision) I 03’33”
11 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – The Story of Dida Ola (Original Magic Trip) I 03’56”
12 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Safari (Amyl Pt 7 Dark Soca) I 05’23”
13 – Ethiopia Ringaracka – Memories (And the Music Goes) I 04’16”




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