A selection of reggae-dub music productions with Miraloop Spades’ sign. Miraloop Spades begins the reggae-dub adventure with some IDM productions in the latest 00, until proposing a new idea of reggae-dub in the early 10’s. The first production is Wake Up by Pablo Ort (Fabio Colombo & Gerolamo Sacco), followed by Find a Place, Remind (Beatport world chart july / december 2014) and the launch of Ethiopia Ringaracka, december 2014, a magic trip able to unify Caribbean rythm with African tribal rituals. Every reggae -dub production signed Spades uses to mix the reggae rythm with a sort of IDM dna that re-creates the dub and reggae music styles in a dark version. This is why we talk about “deggae”. Reggae music and new wave elements. Enjoy this trip!