This section is dedicated to the minimal-progressive electronica. A little section in Miraloop Spades’ catalogue but a big section of electronic music’s DNA. This is the favorite style of all those north-european musicians and producers: they proposed this kind of music since Kompakt’s age of gold and Border Community’s first days of life, 4-5 years before Miraloop Spades that debut in 2009. In Italy, together with companies like Nordic Net Records, Spades is one the first labels to propose this music: Spades’ debut in minimal-prog comes with Matteo Scaioli. Now he is working with Claudio Coccoluto. The minimal-prog section is not a big part of our catalogue because, usually all the labels that publish this kind of music just publish ONLY this kind of music, but it is not our case, and a considerable difference with the majority of minimal-prog labels of Southern and Northern Europe. And now, have a nice time!